Light Box Sign with Vinyl Lettering

Are you in search of high-quality shop signs to boost your business’s visibility? Look no further than our anodized aluminum lightbox, meticulously designed for optimal visibility day and night. This sign is equipped with powerful LED tube lights, ensuring remarkable illumination and making it an ideal choice for businesses aiming to stand out after dark. Customers who prioritize complete illumination prefer this type of sign over pan signs or tray signs, where only the letters are lit.

Lightbox signs are typically crafted from a combination of materials that offer durability, visibility, and efficient light transmission. Key components of a lightbox sign may include:

Frame: Aluminum: Widely chosen for its lightweight properties, corrosion resistance, and durability.

Plastic: Some lighter-duty or indoor light boxes may incorporate plastic frames.

Face Material: Acrylic: A favored option due to its transparency, durability, and ability to evenly diffuse light.

Illumination Source: 

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes): An efficient and long-lasting light source commonly used in modern lightboxes.

Fluorescent Tubes: A traditional light source prevalent in older lightboxes.


Vinyl Lettering: Cut vinyl graphics can be applied to the face material for text and logos.

Full-color Printed vinyl: when the customer needs any kind of image or picture on the sign.

Printed Translucent Films: Graphics are often printed on translucent materials to allow light to pass through. This specialized material is specifically employed for the printing of Restaurant  and chicken shop menus or the display of high-quality images requiring intricate details. These films are meticulously positioned between two acrylic sheets, creating a sandwich-like structure. The rear sheet serves as an opal, while the front sheet functions as a clear surface. This sophisticated arrangement ensures that graphics remain shielded from environmental influences, thereby extending their longevity.

Backing: Aluminum or Plastic Backing: Provides structural support and houses the lighting components.

Wiring and Controls:  Connect the light source to the power source.

These materials are selected based on factors such as intended use, indoor or outdoor installation, and design preferences. Outdoor signs, for example, must be weather-resistant, while indoor signs may offer more flexibility in material choices. LED technology is gaining popularity due to its energy efficiency, durability, and versatility in design.

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Lightbox Signs

with Vinyl lettering

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    Backing panel (not required if light box is there) The tray can be supplied with a pre-installed LED backing panel or just as a face if installing onto an existing light box.

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