Elevate your brand visibility with Lightbox Signs featuring 3D Acrylic Letters, seamlessly marrying contemporary aesthetics with functional prominence. These signs boast raised acrylic letters, introducing a captivating three-dimensional aspect to the overall design. Internally illuminated, the lightbox structure ensures all letters are brilliantly lit, creating a compelling display that stands out, particularly in low-light conditions.

Manufacturing Process for 3D Acrylic Letter Signs:

Frame/Sign Base: For the frame or sign base, we opt for anodized Aluminum, valued for its lightweight properties, corrosion resistance, and durability. 

Plastic: In certain scenarios, particularly for lighter-duty or indoor lightboxes, plastic frames may be incorporated to meet specific requirements.

Face Material: Acrylic: Acrylic stands out as a preferred choice for the face material due to its exceptional transparency, durability, and ability to evenly diffuse light. 

Vinyl Lettering: While this sign type primarily features 3D lettering for business or company name, additional information on the sign is crafted using high-quality Vinyl. This can take the form of either cutout letters or full-color print and cut images/shapes that are meticulously applied to the front acrylic surface.

Cutting and Shaping: Employing CNC routers or laser cutting machines, selected materials undergo precise cuts and shaping to form both the sign base and individual 3D acrylic letters.

3D Letter Fabrication: Acrylic sheets are meticulously cut, and each letter or logo is individually handcrafted by our highly skilled artisans. Customize these letters in terms of size, font, and color to meet your specific preferences.

Painting and Finish: Achieving precision color matching is crucial for consistency. Choose from our acrylic color swatches to match your desired colors and branding for the 3D acrylic letters.

Mounting and Assembly: Securely affix the 3D acrylic letters to the sign base using adhesive or mechanical fasteners. Proper spacing and alignment are pivotal for achieving an aesthetically pleasing result.

Illumination: Integrate LED lights or other lighting elements into the sign for backlighting effects or to illuminate the letters themselves.

Quality Control: Each sign undergoes a comprehensive quality control check to ensure it adheres to design specifications, exhibits no defects, and is appropriately illuminated.

Installation: Following quality control approval, the sign is ready for installation. Secure the sign in its designated location, whether it’s a storefront, building facade, or another structure.

Final Inspection: Conduct a final inspection post-installation to ensure the sign is in impeccable condition and functions as intended, ensuring customer satisfaction and prolonged sign longevity.

The meticulous manufacturing process for signs with 3D acrylic letters demands attention to detail, precision craftsmanship, and expertise in materials and design, resulting in visually striking and durable signage solutions.

Customization Options:

3D letters with varying colors and depths

Direct installation on the sign or wall, based on design preferences

Front-lit, backlit, or dual lighting options for a fully customizable display

The combination of innovative lettering and effective illumination positions Lightbox Signs with 3D Acrylic Letters as a dynamic choice for businesses aiming to make a bold and memorable statement with their signage.

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Lightbox Signs

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    Backing panel(not required if light box is there) The tray can be supplied with a pre-installed LED backing panel or just as a face if installing onto an existing light box.

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