Projecting Signs and Banners: Elevating Your Brand’s Visibility

Projecting signs and banners play a crucial role in enhancing your brand’s presence and visibility, ensuring that your message stands out clearly to potential customers. Whether you’re guiding foot traffic or attracting attention from passing vehicles, these signage solutions are tailored to make an impact.

Projecting Signs: Guiding the Way with Style

Projecting signs, available in round or square shapes, offer visual cues from oblique angles, making them indispensable for locating businesses in bustling areas. Installed on building exteriors, these double-sided signs ensure visibility from multiple directions, effectively distinguishing your establishment from the surrounding crowd. With options for full-front illumination or lettering-only lighting, projecting signs are versatile marketing tools that capture attention and reinforce brand identity.

Projecting Banners: Maximizing Visibility, Even from Above

Introducing our projecting banners, designed to complement traditional signs and elevate your brand’s visibility to new heights. Installed on second floors or higher, these banners are strategically crafted to ensure clear visibility from a distance. Our Wall Mount Banner Pole Kit provides a secure mounting solution for vertical double-sided banners, while zinc coating and powder coating ensure durability in various environments. With the flexibility to accommodate wide banners reaching heights of up to 2.6 meters, our banners feature drawbar tensioners for a professional appearance in any weather. Available in classic black or white, these banners seamlessly integrate with your brand’s aesthetic, offering a cost-effective outdoor advertising solution that captures attention and drives foot traffic. 

Our team is adept at executing installations at elevated heights, leveraging our extensive expertise and specialized tools. With our proficiency in high-altitude installations, we ensure seamless execution to maximize the visibility and impact of your signage.

Combining Forces for Maximum Impact

At AdvertSIGNment Ltd, we specialize in providing comprehensive signage solutions that blend the power of projecting signs and banners. Whether you’re looking to guide customers to your storefront or increase visibility from a distance, our team has the expertise and tools to create impactful signage that leaves a lasting impression.

Let our projecting banners transform your storefront or building into a captivating visual experience. To explore how these banners can elevate your brand’s visibility, reach out to us today. Our team is ready to assist you in creating impactful signage that makes a lasting impression.