Illuminated Tray Signs with 3D Acrylic Lettering seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with functional visibility. These signs feature raised acrylic letters that add a captivating three-dimensional dimension to the design. The tray structure is internally illuminated, enabling all the letters to be lit, ensuring a striking and eye-catching display, especially during low-light conditions.

3D Acrylic Letter Sign Manufacturing Process:
Material Selection: High-quality materials are essential. Typically, the base of the sign is made from materials such as aluminum, and Acrylic sheets are used for crafting 3D letters. Cutting and Shaping: The chosen materials are cut and shaped to create the sign base and individual 3D acrylic letters. CNC routers or laser cutting machines ensure precise cuts and shapes. 3D Letter Fabrication: Acrylic sheets are carefully cut and then each letter or Logo is made individually by hand by the highly skilled and experienced craftsman in our workshop. These letters can be customized in terms of size, font, and color.

Painting and Finish: This step requires precision color matching to maintain consistency. To match the desired colors and branding, customer can choose any color from the color swatches of the acrylic we use to build 3d Acrylic letters.

Mounting and Assembly: The 3D acrylic letters are then securely mounted onto the sign base using adhesive or mechanical fasteners. Proper spacing and alignment are crucial to achieve an aesthetically pleasing result.
Illumination: LED lights or other lighting elements can be integrated into the sign to create backlighting effects or to illuminate the letters themselves.

Quality Control: Each sign undergoes a comprehensive quality control check to ensure that it meets design specifications, has no defects, and is properly illuminated.

Installation: Once the sign passes quality control, it is ready for installation. Installation involves securing the sign to its designated location, whether it’s a storefront, building facade, or another structure.

Final Inspection: A final inspection is conducted after installation to verify that the sign is in perfect condition and functioning as intended. This step ensures customer satisfaction and sign longevity. The manufacturing process for signs with 3D acrylic letters requires careful attention to detail, precision craftsmanship, and expertise in materials and design to create visually striking and durable signage solutions.

3D letters are created with acrylic of different colors and depths of your choice, providing a customizable aspect to the signage. These letters can be used as pushed through or installed directly on the tray, or even on the wall depending on the design preferences. You can also decide if the light comes from the front of the 3D acrylic letters for a ‘front-lit’ effect, from the back of the letters for a ‘Glow Effect,’ or even both, allowing for a fully customizable and visually striking display.This flexibility adds a layer of creativity to the overall presentation. The combination of innovative lettering and effective illumination makes Illuminated Tray Signs with 3D Acrylic Lettering a dynamic choice for businesses looking to make a bold and memorable statement with their signage.

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