Crafted from acrylic in various colors and depths, 3D channel letters offer a customizable signage solution. Installation options range from affixing them directly onto the tray to mounting them on the wall, accommodating diverse design preferences. Choose between front-lit for a captivating visual effect, back-lit for a ‘Glow Effect,’ or a combination of both, allowing for a fully customizable and visually striking display. This flexibility adds creativity to the overall presentation. The combination of innovative lettering and effective illumination makes Illuminated Tray Signs with 3D Channel Letters a dynamic choice for businesses seeking a bold and memorable statement. Meticulously crafted from three essential components – the acrylic face, aluminum coil return, and foamex backing – channel letters provide durability and structure.

The acrylic face allows light to permeate through, creating a visually striking effect. The backing, made from foamex, not only provides a sturdy foundation but also facilitates LED placement. Unlike 3D acrylic letters, where light can emanate from all three sides, channel letters offer the flexibility of illuminating either from the front or the back, ensuring a unique visual impact. These versatile letters can be directly mounted onto a sign or a wall. For an added luminous touch, installation with locators imparts a captivating glow effect from the rear of each letter. Whether you’re seeking shop signs, innovative signage solutions, or attention-grabbing 3D signs, channel letters provide a versatile and impactful means to enhance your brand visibility. Delve into the potential of these carefully crafted letters to leave a lasting impression on your target audience. The manufacturing process of channel 3D letters involves several steps to ensure precision and quality.

Here’s a breakdown of the typical process:

Design and Planning: The process begins with a detailed design phase, where the specifications and requirements for the channel 3D letters are outlined. The design includes considerations for the size, font, color, and other aesthetic elements, as well as technical details like the type of illumination and mounting options.

Material Selection: Once the design is finalized, the appropriate materials are selected. Common materials include acrylic for the face, aluminum coil for the return, and foamex or another suitable material for the backing.

Cutting and Shaping: The selected materials are then cut and shaped according to the design specifications. Precision cutting is crucial to ensure that each element fits together seamlessly.

Acrylic Face Fabrication: The face is meticulously crafted from acrylic, cut into precise shapes or letters using CNC or Laser Machines.

Aluminum Coil for Returns: The aluminum coil undergoes shaping and bending to form the returns of the letters. Our state-of-the-art, in-house Letter Bending Machine executes this process to the highest standards. This step is crucial for ensuring structural support and the stability of the 3D letters.

Backing Construction: The backing material, often foamex, is thoughtfully prepared to create a stable surface for mounting the letters. It is cut and shaped to align with the pre-cut acrylic letters and accommodate any necessary elements for the lighting system, such as LEDs, to guarantee the proper illumination of the letters.

LED Installation: Giving channel letters illumintion, LED modules or strips are installed on the backing. Careful positioning is essential to achieve uniform illumination.

Assembly: The face, return, and backing are assembled, creating the three-dimensional structure of the channel letters. This process may involve bonding or welding, depending on the materials used.

Quality Check: Each 3D channel letter undergoes a thorough quality check to ensure that it meets the design specifications, is structurally sound, and functions correctly, especially in the case of illuminated letters.

Finishing Touches: The finished letters may undergo additional finishing touches, such as paint or protective coatings, to enhance durability and appearance. This comprehensive manufacturing process ensures that channel 3D letters are not only visually appealing but also structurally robust and functional.

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