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If you’re looking for an affordable and quick way to brand your business or office, consider a flat panel sign also known as Non Illuminated flat Panel Sign. A Non Illuminated Flat Panel Sign is a simple yet effective type of sign that consists of a sheet made of one of three materials: Foamex, Aluminum Composite, or Acrylic Sheet. As a trusted sign shop in your area, we provide you a choice to choose from either high-quality full-color printed graphics or durable vinyl lettering when selecting a flat panel sign to effectively display your business’s branding and messaging.

With proper graphics and design, a flat panel sign can leave just as much impact as other expensive shop sign options available in the market. It’s also an ideal option if you need your office sign or shop sign in a specific shape, which we can achieve by using our CNC router and then applying full-color digital graphics. Additionally, we offer the option of a flat panel sign with an aluminum frame or non Illuminated Tray sign options if you prefer a sleeker look without visible screws at the front of your sign.

Flat panel signs provide multiple indoor uses due to the plethora of options in material type, size, and design. They can be used to provide sale information within retail shops and restaurants or as directional signs in any establishments. As your local sign shop, we are committed to providing high-quality and affordable sign solutions that will help you promote your business effectively.

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