Looking for a reliable sign shop in your area to create high-quality shop signs and signage? Look no further than our shop! We offer a wide range of sign options, including Illuminated Tray Signs, which are the most visually appealing and long-lasting option available.

Our Illuminated Tray signs also known as “Pan Signs” or “Pan Signs with light” or “Illuminated Pan Signs “are constructed from aluminium sheet, which is carefully moulded to create the pan sign. All design elements, such as your business name, tagline, telephone number, and logo, are stencil cut with a CNC machine and then backed with an opaque acrylic panel for light to come through the sign. Additionally, we offer a variety of letter options, such as flat cut letters, 3D acrylic letters, 3D channel letters, and stainless steel letters, to ensure that your sign is customized to your specifications.

To make sure that your pan sign with light stands out, we use LED lights behind the sign or behind the individual letters. This creates a stunning, eye-catching effect that is sure to attract attention and help your business stand out from the competition.

Feel free to get in touch today to arrange a consultation or complete the form below. Choose the options that best match your requirements, and our knowledgeable team will quickly supply you with pricing details and top recommendations tailored to your specific needs. This will help you gain a transparent understanding of the associated costs, allowing you to effectively plan your budget.